Are You in Search for a Tax Expert?

Where to Ask for Professional Tax Preparation

Do you need a reliable tax preparer? Your decision merely depends on the complexity of your finances. Filing a tax return is not bad enough but it is daunting when you are on your own. It’s a bit worse when your tax return has glaring mistakes and other issues which can come back to haunt you. A wise move to avoid this problem is to select a good tax preparer. You can handle the tax preparation yourself if you have your own business, if your finances are not complex, and if you have very few itemized deductions.

But if you’re among the 60% of Americans who have their tax returns done for them, the IRS provides a search page where you can search for a tax preparer that meets its qualifications. The IRS has confirmed that the free help given to taxpayers is limited this year, but there are other options which are still free. These are few of your options for a tax preparer:

National tax preparation chains. For simple, straightforward returns, walk-in operations are very helpful and they are also affordable. Nonetheless, you have to bear in mind that national chains have lesser chances to hit you with “junk fees” compared to independent tax preparers. According to the National Consumer Law Center, these junk fees are spent on application and document-preparation charges.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA). Not all CPAs specialize in completing individual ITR so you will have to ask to be certain. Apart from using the IRS’ tax-preparer search page, you can check it out with your neighbors and friends – or you can go to your state’s CPA society.

Enrolled agents. Unlike CPAs who can manage various financial activities, enrolled agents focus primarily on taxes. For them to qualify, they must pass the exams on tax codes and calculations or they must have worked for the IRS for at least five years. They may work for themselves or they can be employed in a CPA firm or in a storefront office. If you want to look for an enrolled agent, you can surf the website of the IRS.

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